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Palestine: A child attempted suicide in an Israeli jail, restrictions on Christian freedom of worship & Israeli attacks continue

Lawyer: A Palestinian child attempted suicide in an Israeli jail

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Human rights lawyer Heba Masaleha said one of the Palestinian children detained in an Israeli jail tried to commit suicide as a result of the severe depression he suffers from because of his exposure to maltreatment at the hands of jailers.

Masaleha refrained from mentioning the name of the child, but she said she visited him in jail.

She stated that the child has been staying in bed for three days without moving or talking to anyone, except about his intention to commit suicide, adding that the child cannot sleep properly at night and already refused to eat food for two days.

She affirmed that the prison doctor said the child suffered from a psychological problem, adding that the prison administration also brought an Arab doctor from Nazareth to oversee him without any noticeable improvement in his condition.

Aside from their exposure to abuse and humiliation at the hands of Israeli soldiers and jailers, the mere separation of the Palestinian minors and children from their parents and families causes them to suffer psychologically, the lawyer warned.

In another incident, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped a group of Palestinian minors working as a drum band without any reason, according to Bayarek center for prisoners’ affairs on Sunday.

The center said that the children were on their way to a Palestinian folkloric festival that was held in the West Bank in solidarity with prisoner Samer Issawi, who ended his months-long hunger strike recently after a deal with his jailers.

The center underlined that the Israeli occupation regime deliberately kidnap Palestinian children to break their spirits in violation of the international law, which stipulates the need for protecting the children and their right to grow safely without any restrictions on their freedom.

It noted that there are about 321 children, 30 of them patients, in Israeli jails.


Orthodox groups slam “Israel’s” restrictions on Christian freedom of worship

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Palestinian Orthodox institutions expressed their dismay at the Israeli restrictions imposed on the Christian Palestinians and religious events.

In a press release on Sunday, the Orthodox institutions accused the Israeli regime and its security forces of attempting to obstruct their great holy Saturday celebrations and attacking Christian worshipers in occupied Jerusalem.

They stated that the Israeli police used excessive force against a Christian group from the Arab Orthodox union club in Al-Nasara neighborhood (the Christians quarter) in occupied Jerusalem in the presence of diplomats and dignitaries who participated in the holy Saturday rally.

The Christian institutions stressed that Israel’s racist and illegal acts against the Palestinians from other religious groups confirm its tendencies to Judaize the holy city of Jerusalem.

They also denounced the Israeli occupation authority for imposing a blockade on the courtyard of the Church of the Resurrection in the old city of Jerusalem under flimsy pretexts.

They said that Israel’s media claims about facilitating the Christian religious events in the holy city are lies intended to embellish its image before the world.


IOA destroys electricity grid, water well

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) removed an electricity grid and destroyed a water well and other agricultural installations in Beit Ola village in Al-Khalil for their proximity to the separation wall.

Mohammed Al-Omla, the chairman of the village’s municipal council, told Quds Press on Monday that Israeli occupation forces razed a water reservoir and tore down electric poles and wires.

He said that the IOA had informed the citizens of its intention to demolish those installations a long while ago and then said the demolitions would not take place but they were surprised with the demolition process taking place on Monday morning.


Israeli authorities raze Palestinian home in Arraba

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Israeli authorities demolished a Palestinian home in Arraba town to the north of Palestine occupied in 1948 on Sunday at the pretext it was built without permit.

Palestinian sources said that a big number of police forces escorted bulldozers that razed the building, which was under construction, in Wadi Hussein.

They said that the demolition took place without prior notice, Noor Lahwani, the son of the house owner, said, adding that his family filed a complaint with the Israeli police as it did not receive any demolition notification from the Israeli organization and construction committee.

The sources warned of an Israeli scheme to knock down dozens of Palestinian houses in the same area for lack of construction permits.


Jewish settlers defile Sheikh Abu Sam’aan Mosque in Qalqiliya

QALQILIYA, (PIC)– A group of extremist Jewish settlers desecrated the historical Mosque of Sheikh Abu Sam’aan in Qalqiliya city and built a fake tomb inside it, according to the Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage on Sunday.

The foundation also said that the settlers spray-painted Hebrew slogans on the exterior walls of the Mosque and left candles they used for their rituals, warning that the settlers want to turn the Mosque into a synagogue.

It also said that such violation was part of the ongoing Jewish attempts to obliterate the Islamic holy sites and claim them as part of the fabricated Hebrew heritage in Palestine, stressing that the Mosque of Sheikh Sam’aan is a purely Islamic holy place.


Jewish settlers chop down dozens of olive trees in Bethlehem village

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Jewish settlers chopped down on Sunday dozens of old olive trees in Nahalin village, Bethlehem province.

Jamal Najajre, the chairman of Nahalin municipal council, said that the settlers destroyed 30 olive trees that are almost one hundred years old.

He underlined that Jewish settlers chopped down olive and almond trees in the same area about a month ago.


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