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Palestine: Israelis on an attack spree (including on children), destruction of property & hundreds of dunums of land seized

Israeli settler runs over Palestinian child deliberately

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– An Israeli settler deliberately ran over a Palestinian child on Sunday with her car near the Ibrahimi mosque in al-Khalil, in the southern West Bank.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that an Israeli settler ran over the Palestinian child Youssef Bassem al-Mohtassab, 5, before fleeing the scene quickly.

The settler Anat Cohen, known for her hostility against the Palestinians in the region, had yesterday attacked two Palestinian children and brought Israeli soldiers to pick them up, the sources added.

The sources pointed out that the child was transferred to al-Khalil Government Hospital, where his injuries were described as moderate.


Settlers set fire to Orthodox Church land in Silwan

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli settlers set fire on Sunday to Orthodox Church Land in Wadi Hilweh in the town of Silwan during celebrations of the so-called “torch festival.”

A number of settlers’ families settled in the town of Silwan under heavy protection. All the settlers who set fire in Silwan were armed.

During the Israeli celebrations of the so-called “torch festival”, three Jerusalemites of Maghrebi family were injured in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in addition to the burning of several old trees, a car, and gardens belonging to Khatib and Jaouni families.

Jewish settlers set fire to nine vehicles belonging to the United Nations while celebrating the Torch Festival.


Jewish settlers beat up two Palestinian children

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Jewish settlers severely beat up two Palestinian children in Tal Al-Rumaida in Al-Khalil on Monday, Palestinian security sources told Quds Press.

They said that the settlers mercilessly beat 12-year-old Ahmed Abu Haikel and his brother Muawiya, 11, adding that Israeli soldiers arrived to the scene but did not arrest any of the settlers.

Locals, meanwhile, noticed intensified presence of Israeli occupation forces at the entrance to Fawar refugee camp and Hijra village in Al-Khalil, as other IOF units stormed Daheria village and a number of suburbs in Al-Khalil city.


Jewish settlers assault Palestinian an elderly man

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Jewish settlers assaulted a Palestinian man in his sixties in Al-Khalil while Israeli occupation soldiers detained three children in the same city.

Palestinian sources told Quds Press on Sunday that the settlers severely beat up 60-year-old Fayez Al-Tamimi, adding that he was hospitalized after the attack.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation soldiers arrested three Palestinian children in Al-Khalil for a few hours, locals said, adding that the children were not more than 13 years old.

Local sources said that big numbers of soldiers were seen patrolling a number of suburbs in Al-Khalil and nearby village of Abu al-Asaja. They added that the soldiers searched pedestrians and asked for their IDs.


IOA razes two houses in occupied Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) continued its demolition spree and razed two Palestinian houses to the east of occupied Jerusalem on Monday.

Local sources said that Israeli special forces and horse-mounting troops encircled Khilat Al-Ain in Tur suburb and razed the two homes owned by Ghaith family at the usual pretext of lack of construction permit.

They said that the invading forces blocked citizens and journalists from approaching the suburb then forced the family members out of both houses before knocking them down.

The sources said that the first 160-square-meter house is owned by Rushdi Ghaith and provides shelter for 13 individuals including two cancer patients.

They said that the second 80-square-meter house is owned by Mufida Ghaith and is inhabited by 11 persons including five children.


IOF bulldozers destroy agricultural installations

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) sent their huge bulldozers on the rampage in southern Al-Khalil on Monday destroying agricultural installations owned by Palestinian farmers.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC that IOF bulldozers forced their way into the outskirts of Arroub refugee camp and destroyed a water well, utilities room, and other agricultural installations.

They said that IOF soldiers prevented farmers from approaching the targeted site on the main road between the camp and Majnoone area.

The sources noted that IOF soldiers were deployed on the main entrance to the camp and at the entrance to the nearby Doura town to secure the demolition streak that was made at the pretext that the area was a military zone where no construction or work is allowed.


Jewish settlers seize hundreds of dunums of cultivated land

NABLUS, (PIC)– Jewish settlers laid their hands to hundreds of dunums of Palestinian cultivated land lots to the east of Nablus city on Monday.

Ghassan Daghlas, monitoring settlement activity north of the West Bank, said that hundreds of settlers from Elon Moreh settlement established on Palestinian villages east of Nablus seized the land.

He said that the settlers seized the land in Azmut village, east of Nablus, by force of arms and planted seedlings in it.


IOA continues to close crossings

GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) retained the closure of Gaza crossings on Monday and cancelled visits by relatives of Gaza prisoners for the same reason.

Raed Fattuh, the head of the committee supervising the entry of goods into Gaza, told Quds Press that the IOA informed his committee that Karm Abu Salem would not be open for the second day running citing security reasons. The crossing was closed two days before that for the weekly holidays.

The crossing was closed for more than 30 days this year so far, or one third of the operation days since the beginning of 2013.

In the same context, Nasser Al-Najjar, a media official with the Red Cross, said that the IOA told his committee on Sunday night that the weekly visits by relatives of Gaza prisoners would be cancelled due to the closure of Erez crossing.

He said that the Red Cross told the families, scheduled to go on Monday to visit their detained next of kin, of the decision.


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