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Palestine: IOA prevents Jerusalem Shopping Spring Festival & house arrest imposed on prisoner’s mother

IOA prevents Jerusalem Shopping Spring Festival

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,(PIC)– The so-called Israeli Homeland Security Secretary issued on Thursday a decision to prevent Jerusalem Shopping Spring Festival under the pretext of being held under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority.

The Festival was planned to be held in “Islamic Orphanage School,” and “the Jerusalemite Children Club,” and “Stork Tower Community Society.”

Stork Tower Community Society’s director stated that the festival aims to revitalize the city of Jerusalem, and its streets and alleys in the Old Town through encouraging shopping in the city.

The festival came in order to strengthen the relationship between Jerusalemites and the Old Town and to encourage purchasing Palestinian goods within the Jerusalemite community in light of the Israeli attempts to isolate the occupied city economically from the West Bank.


IOA imposes house arrest on prisoner’s mother

RAMALLAH,(PIC)— Magistrate’s Court decided to impose house arrest and bail on prisoner’s elderly mother Intisar Haj from Beit Sira, west of Ramallah.

The occupation authorities has released her on bail of 30 thousand shekels and imposed on her house arrest in the village of Rahat Beersheba within 1948-occupied territories until the court session.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Intisar Haj in 9 April 2013 while returning from visiting her son in Ashkelon Prison, where IOF detained the bus, which was carrying the prisoners’ families, for more than four hours.

Intisar Haj is the second prisoner’s mother who was subjected to house arrest, where Hajja Fethiye Khanfar, prisoner Rami Khanfar’s elderly and ill mother, was subjected to house arrest in Rahat city in 1948-occupied territories under the pretext of smuggling mobile phones to her son who is serving a 15-year sentence in Israeli jails.


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