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Palestine: Warehouses razed, soldiers brutally attack citizens & attacks on trees, sheep

IOF soldiers raze warehouses

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) demolished two warehouses used by Palestinian farmers in Al-Khader village in Bethlehem to store their crops.

Amed Salah, the coordinator of the popular committee against settlement, told Quds Press that IOF bulldozers razed the two installations on Thursday morning.

He said that the installations are owned by citizens in Habun area that is near to Daniel settlement.

Inhabitants said that the IOF soldiers claimed that the installations were built without permit.
In a separate incident, an IOF patrol, including intelligence agents, stormed the town of Yatta, in Al-Khalil province, and questioned a number of young men.


IOF brutally attack citizens of Khader town

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Violent clashes broke out Tuesday afternoon between young men and Israeli soldiers in Al-Khader town south of Bethlehem, especially in Jabal Umm Al-Rukba neighborhood.

During the clashes, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) brutally and randomly fired a barrage of tear gas grenades and rubber bullets directly at the Palestinian homes in the neighborhood causing many citizens indoors to suffocate and faint.

Consequently, many Palestinians were treated from tear gas injuries, and one Palestinian driver also sustained injuries when Israeli soldiers showered his car with rubber bullets and tear gas.

A local source reported that the Israeli soldiers deliberately opened fire at water tanks of houses and caused holes in some of them.

The sources said that a senior Israeli officer had already threatened the residents of Al-Khader town to damage their water tanks if their sons continued their protests.


Israeli warplanes launch mock raid off the coast of Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)– Israeli warplanes staged mock raids off the coast of Gaza Strip on Thursday, the PIC reporter said.

He said that Israeli F-16s staged the mock raids in the early morning hours, adding that they caused big bangs heard in various areas of the coastal enclave.

The reporter said that the Israeli warplanes had launched similar mock raids on Wednesday.


Jewish settlers destroy dozens of olive and fig trees northwest of Ramallah

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– A gang of Jewish settlers on Wednesday evening uprooted and sabotaged dozens of olive and fig trees belonging to Palestinian citizens in northwest of Ramallah city.

The popular movement Intifada stated that settlers from Hallamish settlement uprooted and damaged about 150 olive trees and 40 fig trees belonging to Palestinian farmers from Deir Nizam village northwest of Ramallah.

Intifada added that the settlers went on the rampage through the cultivated lands, especially the land of Sa’ied Al-Khatib.

It said that this coward attack angered Deir Nizam villagers and the owners of nearby lands and made them more alert to any suspicious moves by the settlers.

Intifada urged the Palestinian people in the West Bank and its villages to defend their lands and revolt against the criminal occupation and its settlers.


OCHA investigates the killing of sheep by settlers in Jordan Valley

JORDAN VALLEY, (PIC)– A delegation from the Office of Humanitarian Affairs in UN (OCHA) launched on Wednesday an investigation into the death of sheep and cows belonging to Bedouin citizens in Jordan Valley and Tubas after being poisoned by Jewish settlers.

The OCHA’s delegation pointed out that the United Nations has been concerned at the killing of livestock in the Northern Jordan Valley, and that the visit aims to find out the truth of the matter and send reports to the UN Office in order to take the necessary action and stop such dangerous acts in the region.

The delegation met with the owners of the sheep and cows and listened to their testimony about the incident.

The affected citizens pointed out that the occupation has been continuously chasing the cows and sheep in Palestinian grazing and confiscating them, then imposing heavy fines on their owners to retrieve them.


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