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Palestine: Issawi might die any moment, secret detention camps & medical neglect in Israeli jails

Issawi Might Die any Moment, “Israel” will not Release Him

Al Manar

Israel has rejected appeals to release a Palestinian prisoner on a life-endangering long-term hunger strike to the West Bank, AFP quoted Palestinian Prisoner Affairs Minister Issa Qaraqea as saying Saturday.

Qaraqea said that Israeli officials told him on Saturday that Samer Issawi, who has intermittently refused food for more than eight months, “is in critical condition and might die at any moment.”

Issawi, 33, was first arrested in 2002 and sentenced to 26 years for militant activity in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

He was released by Israel under a prisoner swap in October 2011, but rearrested last July.

Qaraqea said that the Palestinians had requested that he be released temporarily to the West Bank.

“We proposed that they release him to Ramallah for a while and they refused,” he said, adding that “we agreed to send him to Europe for a few months to receive medical treatment and then come back again but they refused.”


Secret Israeli Detention Camps File Reopened

Al Manar

The latest unveiling of a secret Zionist prison, which even Israeli ministers are prevented from entering, has posed different question marks on the destinies of Palestinian, Arab, and even Western abductees.

Coordinator of the “National Campaign to Return the Martyrs’ Bodies”, Salem Khalle indicated that “Israeli professor Ishai Menuchin, Head of the Public Committee for Opposing torture in Israel, had said there were secret prisons in Israel, which contain Palestinian abductees that no one knows anything about.”

“We have documents about 64 missing Palestinian citizens,” he told Al-Manar correspondent.

This urged Palestinian rights groups to request the Red Cross and international rights organizations to pressure the occupation to open these prisons, in which serious crimes might be taking place, like the case is in 1391 prison.

In parallel, Director-General of the Palestinian organization Al-Haq, Shawan Jabarin, pointed out that “Israel used this place to imprison some detainees and Lebanese abductees, and we don’t know who else is there.”

Jabarin told Al-Manar that “legally, secret prisons, and the absence of a specified location for the detainee is considered a crime.”

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners revealed that everyone who entered prison 1391 was exposed to severe torturing.

Palestinian Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa Qaraqea, told Al-Manar that “this prison is one of the investigation centers that lawyers and the International Red Cross did not know about. Detainees used to be dragged to this prison, especially during Al-Aqsa Intifada (uprising). This prison is considered a monstrous jail, in which investigation is very harsh. It was part of the terrorism applied on the Palestinian prisoner in order to extract confessions.”

From here, the story of Israeli agent Ben Zygier had reopened the file of secret prisons in the Zionist entity, especially as this entity has a number of secret jails, as well as secret graveyards for martyrs, which it could also be renting to international intelligence, according to experts.


PHR warns of disaster in Israeli jails due to medical neglect

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) in the occupied Palestinian territories accused the Israeli medical system inside the prisons of abusing the Palestinian hunger striking prisoners and exercising pressures on them to stop their strike.

The human rights organization pointed out in a report issued on Friday that the prison administration violates the fundamental rights of hunger striking detainees, and refuses to allow independent physicians from outside the prison to visit and examine them.

The report also stated that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) provides the hunger strikers with an “inadequate and insufficient medical follow up.”

It suggests that the ways in which the IPS medical system dealt with and handled the cases of hunger strikers over the past year underlines the high extent to which the prison medical system is amenable to the prison system, which is in turn amenable and subordinate to Israel’s political echelons.

“Information gathered over the course of the year also raises concerns that on account of this subordination, the prison medical system in fact operates according to political and security considerations, rather than medical considerations, the former of which runs contrary to the interests of the hunger striking patient, ” the report stated.

Anat Litvin, Director of Prisoners and Detainees Department in the PHR, called for taking strict measures against the prison administration and transferring control and responsibility for the medical services inside the prisons from the IPS to a professional and public medical body.

Litvin added that as long as the IPS medical system remains under the control and management of the prison system, with its political and security considerations, it will result in greater harm to the rights of prisoners.

Meanwhile, families of Prisoners and Jerusalemite Detainees Committee and the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) organized on Thursday at the Red Cross headquarters in Jerusalem the weekly sit-in, in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails with the participation of dozens of prisoners’ families, national forces, factions’ representatives and liberated prisoners.

During the sit-in, the prisoners’ families raised the captives’ photos, and chanted slogans denouncing the continuation of the detention of patient and hunger striking prisoners.

Amjad Abu Assab, Head of the Families of Prisoners and Jerusalemite Detainees Committee, condemned the silence of the Arab and Islamic countries regarding the issue of hunger strikers.

For his part, the director of the PPS in Jerusalem, Nasser Qawas, pointed out during the protest that prisoner Samer al-Issawi suffers from extremely difficult conditions at Kaplan Hospital.


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