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Prisoners’ situation worsens in occupation jails

NABLUS, (PIC)– The liberated prisoner Wael Abdul Karim Hashash, from Balata refugee camp, warned of the worsening situation in occupation jails, saying that the situation is on the verge of explosion due to the Israeli practices.

Hashash told the PIC reporter two days after his release from Megiddo prison that the Palestinian prisoners have informed each Israeli prison that they will stand against any unfair practices against them.

The liberated prisoner said that there is an unprecedented campaign of oppression against the prisoners in order to undermine what they had achieved in the “Dignity” strike.

He stressed the captive movement’s prominent role in defense of the prisoners’ rights and demands and to expose the Israeli violations.

For his part, Dr. Atallah Abu Sabah, Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, said that the prisoners suffer catastrophic living conditions in Israeli jails, especially after the prisoner Maysara Abu Hamdiya’s death, stressing that the captive movement is in permanent and continuous clash with the Israeli prison service in protest against its repressive and medical negligence policy.

The minister congratulated the liberated prisoner Ibrahim Baroud for his release after 27 years in custody during which he was subjected to severe torture.

He denounced the re-arrest of the liberated prisoner Thaer Halahleh at dawn on Wednesday in total violation to the agreements signed between the occupation authorities and the captive movement after the Dignity strike.

The minister stressed that Thaer’s arrest came to undermine the prisoners’ will and spirits especially after achieving a number of triumphs over the jailer.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) said that the IPS practices are in flagrant violations of the Palestinian prisoners rights.

The PPS issued a report that marks the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day, detailing the Israeli unfair practices including strip search, night raids, unfair sentences, administrative detention, and successive transfers between prisons.

The report pointed to the sick prisoners’ serious conditions in Israeli jails, where they have been suffering from Israeli medical negligence for long years.

The PPS stated that the Israeli authorities have trained special units to undermine the prisoners’ struggle and determination through storming their rooms at night and confiscating their personal belongings in addition to beating and terrorizing them.

The report finally pointed to the Israeli practices aimed to spread illiteracy among the Palestinian prisoners by preventing them from completing their education in custody.


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