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Palestine: Two Palestinians killed in Tulkarem clashes & field set ablaze

IOF kill two Palestinians in Tulkarem clashes

TULKAREM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed on Wednesday night two Palestinian young men in violent clashes at Annab checkpoint east of Tulkarem city.

According to medical sources, a 17-year old boy, named Amer Nassar, was shot directly in his chest during the events and stayed bleeding for about an hour because the IOF prevented an ambulance from evacuating him.

Afterwards, a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance managed to transfer his body to Thabet hospital in Tulkarem.

Another 18-year old young man, named Naji Balbesi, was also found dead at dawn Thursday in the area of clashes. Balbesi was shot in his chest and bled to death as well.

Four other Palestinian young men also sustained bullet injuries during the clashes which heated up further following the death of the boy.

The clashes were part of massive popular anger in the West Bank triggered by the death of prisoner Maisara Abu Hamdiya in an Israeli jail a few days ago.

Many Palestinians were reportedly injured in different violent clashes erupted in Al-Khalil city, Ramallah city, and Shuafat refugee camp and Qalandiya checkpoint in occupied Jerusalem.


Jewish settlers set ablaze an MP’s field

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Jewish settlers set on fire a field owned by MP Khalil Ruba’ee and his two brothers to the east of Yatta town, Al-Khalil province.

The PIC reporter said that dozens of settlers attacked the field in Al-Hamra area that is adjacent to their settlement of Maun.

He said that the 2000 square meters field is cultivated with olives and grapes, adding that more than 30 members of Ruba’ee family benefit from working in this field.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC that the settlers, guarded by Israeli occupation forces, also threw stones at farmers and insulted Islam and Arabs. They expelled farmers from their land in Tawani area also to the east of Yatta, the locals added.


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