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Bahraini child in coma due to police tear gas

(File photo)


The Monitoring Official in the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Yusuf al-Mahafeza, revealed that the child Mahmoud Yousef Kazim Makki, who was suffocated by tear gas, suffers an acute lung infection and entered coma.

During his visit to Makki’s family in the hospital, al-Mahafeza stated that “the family is concerned after the son’s health condition deteriorated.”

“Mahmoud Makki [12 years], entered the stage of extreme danger after entering into coma, due to suffering from breathing problems accompanied by sickle-cell anemia,” he mentioned.

Meanwhile, local Bahraini sources mentioned that Makki “is in the Intensive Care and at the mercy of a ventilator. His condition worsened Thursday morning, with the weakness of movement and loss of consciousness.”

It is noteworthy that Bahraini security forces, often launch smoke grenades and tear gas during night patrols and in densely populated areas.


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