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Palestine: Prisoner dies in jail, water cut off villages & 90 children detained last month

Prisoner Abu Hamdiya dies in Israeli jail

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Palestinian prisoner Maisara Abu Hamdiya has passed away Tuesday morning in the Israeli jail of Soroka in Beersheba after his health condition reached a life-threatening stage.

Director of the Palestinian prisoner society confirmed the death of Abu Hamidya, a cancer patient, in the infirmary of Soroka jail, and held the Israeli regime fully responsible for his death.

Abu Hamdiya, aged 65, was a high-ranking officer for the Palestinian authority preventive security before his arrest by the Israeli occupation forces on May 28, 2002 when they invaded the West Bank and destroyed some PA headquarters.

He was sentenced then to life in prison on allegation of his activities against Israel during the intifada and killing two Israelis.

On Monday, liberated prisoner Ayman Sharawna had stated that prisoner Maisara Abu Hamdiya was struggling against a serious illness in Soroka infirmary while his hands and feet were shackled.

Sharawna appealed in a sit-in held in solidarity with the prisoners outside the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza to urgently intervene to save the life of the prisoner.

Dying prisoner treated cruelly by Israeli doctors over many years (click to read)


‘Israel cuts water to Palestinian villages’

Press TV

The Israeli regime has completely cut off water to Palestinian villages in the occupied West Bank, local media say.

Palestinian media reported on Monday that Israeli authorities halted the water flow to 10 villages located northwest of al-Quds (Jerusalem).

According to reports, local Israeli officials had already imposed restrictions on the amount of water pumped to these villages.

Reports also indicated that residents were living on very small amounts of water even before the total halt of water flow.

Locals also said that hundreds of Palestinian students are also suffering from the lack of water in their schools.

The Palestinian NGO, Land Research Centre, also said in a recent report that Israeli settlers from the settlements of Yiztar and Baracha have been using water springs in the Palestinian residents of Burin in order to raise fish.

The Palestinian residents lodged a complaint with Israeli authorities, saying that the settlers use their only source of water, not only for farming but also for their leisure. This is while the Palestinian community suffers water shortages and has to pay extortionate rates for water.


Owners of confiscated lands near Ramallah assert they won’t give up their lands

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Israeli occupation has confiscated thousands of dunums of Palestinian lands in Deir Jarir, Silwad and Ein Yabrud for the construction and expansion of Ofra settlement, east of Ramallah.

Haj Abu Mahmoud Silwadi, 90, says that the occupation has confiscated in 1978 his land which has an area of more than 20 dunums, and confirmed that he has papers that go back to the Ottoman era proving his ownership to the land, .

He added that the occupation had told him that his land would be confiscated for the benefit of the army of occupation, but in the eighties the army started building housing units for settlers.

According to the Israeli law, the army is allowed to confiscate Palestinian lands for military uses, but it is not allowed to use confiscated land for building settlements.

One of the officials in Silwad Municipality says that they have filed a lawsuit in the occupation courts, years ago, against the construction of the settlement and the prevention of farmers from entering their agricultural lands located in the center of the settlement.

The occupation court issued a resolution obliging the army to remove the wall around the settlement and to demolish the buildings set up on Palestinian lands. However, the Israelis submitted an appeal to the court to postpone the implementation of the resolution.

For his part, Salim Abu Makhou, one of the residents of Deir Jarir village and the owner of a land adjacent to Ofra settlement, pointed to the continuation of the settlers’ attacks on Palestinian lands, the last of which was uprooting olive trees in the eastern side of the settlement.

The citizen Mohammed Dahabra, from the village of Ein Yabrud in the western side of the settlement, told PIC’s correspondent that the settlers have been constantly trying to buy lands belonging to the citizens who live in America, and urged for launching a campaign to raise public awareness about these schemes.

Silwad Municipality said that according to Israeli law, 55% of the lands located inside Ofra must be returned to Palestinians, and confirmed that it will continue its efforts to return the confiscated lands.

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Haim Ramon has admitted in an interview with Haaretz that Ofra contains 450 illegal houses, according to occupation law. [According to international law all settlements are illegal].


IOA forces Palestinian to raze part of his house east Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) on Monday evening forced a Palestinian citizen to demolish a room of his house in Sawwanah district east of occupied Jerusalem at the pretext of unlicensed construction.

Tayseer Abul Hawa, owner of the house, said that in 2005, he had built an additional room in his house, but the Israeli municipal council demanded him to knock it down or get a construction permit, adding that he tried hard during the past years to have the room licensed, but to no avail.

He pointed that an Israeli municipal court, in 2010, ordered to imprison his wife if he did not remove the room, adding that his lawyer managed to delay the demolition of the rooms several time.

The owner also said that he has paid the IOA construction fines of about 11, 000 dollars so far.


IOF soldiers detained 90 children last month

GAZA, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 330 Palestinians in the past month of March including 90 children, a human rights group said on Monday.

The Palestine prisoners center for studies said in its monthly report that the detainees were taken in 295 incursions in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

It said that some of them were released after a few hours or few days of interrogation while some were still in custody.

The report noted that Al-Khalil topped the list as 130 inhabitants of the province were arrested in March, which is more than one third of the total detainees.

It pointed out that the detainees included 90 minors, six women, an MP, ex-prisoners, journalists, and human rights activists.

The center said that the Israeli occupation authorities banished detainee Ayman Sharawne to Gaza after eight months of hunger strike.

The center asked international organizations to intervene to stop the IOA ceaseless campaigns of arrests in lines of the Palestinian people.


IOF kidnap four Palestinians including woman in W. Bank

JENIN, (PIC)– Violent clashes broke out at dawn Tuesday between Palestinians from Rummana town west of Jenin and Israeli troops who raided homes and kidnapped a young man.

Local sources said that dozens of Israeli soldiers aboard their military vehicles stormed the town at dawn and kidnapped Mohamed Mahajena, 22, from his home.

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) had already ransacked the house of Mahajena and kidnapped his brothers Shadi and Farid.

In another incident, a Palestinian woman and two young men were kidnapped by the IOF in Doha and Tekoa towns in Bethlehem, according to local sources today.

The sources reported that the IOF raided the house of Khalil Budair in Doha town and kidnapped his wife Hiba, 27.

They also said that two young men were also taken prisoners in Tekoa town east of Bethlehem after raids on their homes.


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