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Palestine: Israelis training their children how to shoot near a Palestinian school & arrests

Settlers training their children how to shoot near a Palestinian school

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Palestinian sources said that extremist settlers trained, on Wednesday, dozens of their children to shoot using hunting rifles, near a school in the village of Nabi Samuel northwest of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

The Information Center of Wadi al-Hilweh in occupied Jerusalem quoted the headmaster Khalil Abu Arqoub as saying that the settlers have been training their children to shoot using the hunting rifles near the Nabi Samuel School, which caused a state of fear and panic among the school children.

Abu Arqoub added that “the school and the training venue were only separated by a barbed wire,” adding that “the training has lasted for several hours, with the participation of nearly 40 Jewish children.”

He pointed out that he had submitted a complaint to the occupation authorities which claimed that the children were playing, and did not bother to stop the training.

The Information Center of Wadi al-Hilweh noted that near the school there is a building inhabited by Jewish extremists from Kiryat Arba settlement, and that they continue to disturb the schoolchildren.


IOF imposes house arrest on prisoner’s mother

JENIN, (PIC)– The Israeli Occupation Forces continued to impose house arrest on an elderly patient from Jenin after her arrest while visiting her son on 11 February.

The Israeli military court imposed house arrest on Hajja Fethiye Khanfar, 58, at a house in Rahat city in 1948-occupied territories, said Yousef Khanfar, the prisoner’s husband.

He added that the occupation authorities released her on 18 February, on bail of 30 thousand shekels, and imposed on her house arrest in the village of Rahat within 1948-occupied territories until the court session on 14 April.

Concerning her health condition, the husband confirmed that Hajja Fethiye suffers low blood pressure, bowel problems and being overweight, and that she has already undergone several surgeries.

The occupation forces accused her of smuggling mobile phones to her son who is serving a 15-year sentence in Israeli jails.

He added that the court’s decision forced her to live with a guarantor from 1948-occupied territories and to sign twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays, at the nearest Israeli police station despite her difficult health condition.


IOF arrests Jerusalemite woman and elderly man

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested a Palestinian woman from the occupied city of Jerusalem, under the pretext of her intention to stab an Israeli soldier yesterday evening.

The Hebrew radio claimed that the Palestinian woman approached the so-called “Israeli border guards” within the Old City in Jerusalem, and informed them of her intention to stab a soldier.

Nearly 12 Palestinian women are still detained in Israeli jails, where some of them were being charged with trying to stab an Israeli soldier or settler.

The Hebrew radio also reported that Molotov cocktails were thrown near a military base on Wednesday evening near the town of Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem, leading to a fire without reporting any injuries.

The Israeli military source confirmed that this military base was subjected more than one to Molotov cocktail attacks.

Meanwhile, the Israeli police and the so-called Nature and Parks Authority have arrested elderly Jerusalemite Orabi Ismail Shakir, 65, and took him to Salahuddin police station in occupied Jerusalem.

Shakir’s brother told PIC reporter that his brother was removing the dangers caused by the demolition of some family’s facilities before his arrest.

The occupation forces released on Wednesday morning Mohammed Yousef Mohammed Albesboss, 28, from the town of Silwan, after serving 10 months in Nafha prison, leaving behind his brother Ahmed, who is serving a 40 months’ imprisonment.


More than 100 Jerusalemite detainees within 3 months, including 20 children

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested since the beginning of 2013 about 105 Jerusalemites, including 20 minors, Palestinian human rights sources revealed.

The arrests came during protests and marches in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike, and demonstrations that have recently emerged to address the settlers’ breaking into al-Aqsa mosque, in addition to the recent events that took place at Shu’fat checkpoint and many parts and Jerusalemite villages.

The Israeli Public Prosecution have charged 85 out of 105 Jerusalemites with stone-throwing, participating in demonstrations, affiliation to Palestinian factions, shooting and attacking Israeli soldiers and settlers, PPS explained.

The PPS added that 34 detainees were released to house arrest after being tried out of jail and 15 detainees were released unconditionally after being tried in jail.

About 20 detainees were released unconditionally for lack of evidence, while 36 detainees were arrested until completion of all judicial proceedings against them.


Army Demolishes 250 Tunnels between Egypt and Gaza

Al Manar

Egyptian Army has shut down all tunnels in Arish Governorates Sarsoriya region, an area known for goods and commodities transport between Egypt and Gaza.

About 250 tunnels have been demolished so far, according to a military source in North Sinai Governorate.

On Wednesday, troops stationed in the border area of Rafah seized 70, 000 liters of petrol and diesel due to be transferred to the Gaza Strip through the tunnels.

This seizure was the largest of its kind since the start of the military campaign to demolish tunnels, a military source told the Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The latest military operation to destroy the tunnels began after the killing of 16 Egyptian soldiers at a checkpoint in the area last summer.

The army is currently on a state of high alert, the source explained, to prevent any hostile acts against the forces participating in the process of demolishing the tunnels, “as well as to seize any goods intended for smuggling,” he further elaborated.


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