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Palestine: “Israel” dismantles new Palestinian village, construction of 114 new housing units & arrests

“Israel” Dismantles New Palestinian Village


“Israeli” forces overnight Sunday dismantled the Ahfad Younis protest village set up by Palestinian activists east of Occupied al-Quds last week, forcibly removing about 50 people, activists and police said.

The “Israeli” police detained eight people, including Palestinian MP Mustafa Barghouti, and transferred them to “Maale Adumim” settlement.

“The “Israeli” occupation prevents us from approaching our land while settlers are allowed to take control of it,” Barghouti was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, activists vowed to rebuild the village.

“Israeli” police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said 200 “Israeli” officers moved into the area early on Sunday and removed the activists.

Activists set up Ahfad Younis on a hillside near the site of the Bab al-Shams protest village last week, as US President Barack Obama arrived in the Zionist entity.

In a statement, the activists described the initiative as one “to claim our right as Palestinians to return to our lands and villages [and] to claim our sovereignty over our lands without permission from anyone.”

The activists said it aimed to highlight their opposition to the Obama administration’s policies in the region, saying that it has been “complicit in “Israeli” occupation and colonialism.”

“An administration that used the veto 43 times … in support of “Israel” and against Palestinian rights, an administration that grants military aid to “Israel” of over three billion dollars annually, can’t have any positive contribution to achieve justice,” the statement said.

The Bab al-Shams camp was first set up in January but taken down by “Israeli” court order.
“Israeli” forces also dismantled similar encampments across the occupied territories.


IOA starts construction of 114 new housing units in Bethlehem village

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Bulldozers of the Israeli occupation authority have started preparing for the building of 114 new housing units on land in Khader village, in Bethlehem district.

Ahmed Salah, the coordinator of the popular committee against settlement, told Quds Press on Monday that the bulldozers started working in leveling land in Batin Al-Masi mountain two days ago.

He said that the IOA decided to turn the 500 dunum settlement outpost on that mountain into a full-fledged settlement after building the 114 units that would be added to the 50 caravans already installed there since 2000.

He said that the land is owned by the Salah family but the land owners are banned from approaching it for years.


Israeli policemen round up 96 Palestinian workers

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli policemen arrested 96 Palestinian workers on Monday at the pretext of not having permits to work in 1948 occupied Palestine.

A Hebrew website said that the arrests were made in line with a campaign waged by police to search for such workers.

The site said that the police opened investigation with 16 Israelis for hiring Palestinian workers without obtaining permits.


Israeli forces arrest Jerusalemites for foiling settlers’ attempt to storm Aqsa

OCCUPIED JERSUALEM, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces stormed and searched a number of homes in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem on Sunday before taking away two young men.

Jerusalemite human rights sources said that Hamza Khalaf and Mohammed Asila were taken from their homes after accusing them with foiling Jewish settlers’ attempt to sneak into the Aqsa mosque on Saturday evening.

Three settlers tried to infiltrate into the holy site through Mutahara gate but Aqsa guards, aided by worshipers, aborted the attempt.


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