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Saudi regime forces raid home, arrest citizens

(File photo)

Press TV

Saudi regime forces have arrested dozens of prominent figures in the kingdom in a two-day period as Riyadh intensifies its campaign of terror on dissidents.

According to reports, security forces raided homes and offices across the capital city of Riyadh, detaining a number of religious scholars, doctors, professors, students and civil workers.

Regime forces also launched similar crackdowns in the kingdom’s Eastern Province and the cities of Mecca and Jeddah.

Reports further indicated that Sheikh Mohammad al-Atiyah and Sheikh Badr al-Taleb, two prominent – clerics were also among those detained.

Earlier in the day, Saudis took to the streets in the central city of Buraidah to once again demand the release of political prisoners, despite a protest ban by Al Saud regime on demonstrations.

On March 1, Saudi security forces arrested over 300 protesters, including 15 women, after hundreds of people gathered outside the investigation and prosecution bureau in Buraidah to demand the release of political prisoners…


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