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“Strike of dignity-2” paralyzes Bahrain, security forces respond violently

Al Manar

Bahrain revived on Thursday the second anniversary of the Saudi forces’ entrance to the country to assist the monarchy in oppressing the anti-regime protests that took off on the 14th of February.

Bahraini people held a general strike on this occasion, in response to the Bahraini opposition’s call for “Strike of Dignity-2”, and took to the streets in peaceful protests in over 50 cities and villages.

Protests took place in the capital, Manama, A’ali, Bani Jamrah, Al-Hajar, Al-Musalla, Setra, Bouri, Al-Akar, Maqsha, Jid Hafs, Abu Saiba, Karana, and other places.

Protestors demanded the withdrawal of the Saudi forces which they referred to as “occupation”, and the prosecution of members who committed violation against Bahraini citizens.

In contrast, the Bahraini security forces faced demonstrations by firing toxic bombs and internationally banned shotguns at protestors, causing casualties among them.

Al-Manar correspondent in Bahrain reported that one young man in Abu Saiba was severely injured from the shotgun, while Ali Rida (18 years old) was arrested by mercenaries, while he was standing on a house roof in Al-Deir village.

However, the Bahraini Foreign Ministry said on Twitter that one “saboteur” was injured after he fell off the roof of a house in Al-Deir, and was taken to the hospital.

Other protestors were also wounded in Abu Saiba, Jidd Hafs, and Ma’ameer when they were targeted by fissile weapons, while videos broadcast on the internet showed armored vehicles running over protestors in Al-Akar.

In this context, the Saudi Foreign Ministry called on its citizens to stay away from regions of strike and public gatherings, stating on its Twitter account that “due to the strikes in the brotherly Kingdom of Bahrain, the Foreign Ministry calls on its citizens to be cautious and to stay away from regions of strike and gatherings.”


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