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Palestine: Residential building to be demolished, hunger striker transfered to solitary confinement & gunboats terrorize Palestinian fishermen

IOA orders demolition of Palestinian residential building in Beit Jala

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) issued on Wednesday a demolition order against a Palestinian residential building in Beit Jala town in Bethlehem at the pretext of its location in area C and its construction without license.

The owner Simon Al-Aaraj had started the construction of his building in 2000 after he received verbal approval from the IOA’s civil administration in Beit Eil city allowing him to build in a piece of land located within the zoning plan of Beit Jala and accordingly he obtained a construction permit from the municipal council of Beit Jala.

As the second intifada broke out at the end of 2000, he stopped the construction, and in 2012 he managed to renew the license papers in order to build more stories.

Aaraj’s building is located opposite Israel’s segregation wall in Beit Jala.

According to the second Oslo agreement that were signed between the Palestinian authority (PA) and the Israeli regime in September 1995, Area C, including Beit Jala, is subject to Israel’s control and the Palestinians should apply for construction permits with its civil administration.

The applied research institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) said that Israel has escalated its violations against the Palestinians and their property as the expected visit of US president Barack Obama is drawing near in an attempt to impose more fait accompli on the ground.

“The Palestinian citizens living in the areas classified as C suffer from the Israeli civil administration’s refusal to give them construction permits in order to keep up with the [natural] population growth in these areas, and they remain facing the threat of demolitions at the pretext of unlicensed building,” ARIJ stated.


IPS transfers hunger striker to solitary confinement

GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli prison service (IPS) transferred hunger striker Jamal Al-Nouri, who has been on hunger strike for 12 days, to an isolation cell in Beersheba jail.

Waed society for prisoners said on Thursday that Nouri was on strike demanding his release after he served two thirds of his sentence.

It added that Nouri is also protesting the brutal treatment in jail against him and the refusal to allow his children to visit him for the past six years.

The society said that transferring Nouri to solitary confinement was meant to pressure him into ending his hunger strike.

It pointed out that the number of isolated prisoners was on the rise, saying that they now reach six, which necessitated serious popular and human rights intervention to save the isolated prisoners topped by the sick detainee Dirar Abu Sisi, who has been in isolation since he was kidnapped by the Israel mossad three years ago.


Israeli gunboats terrorize Palestinian fishermen

GAZA, (PIC)– Israeli navy gunboats opened intensive fire at Palestinian fishermen off the coast of the northern Gaza Strip at dawn Thursday forcing them to retreat to shore.

Eyewitnesses told a PIC reporter that the gunboats fired in the air and at the Palestinian fishing boats off Sudaniya coast.

They said that the fishermen, who were trying to fish within the six nautical miles perimeter fixed by the Israeli occupation, were terrorized by the attack and abandoned work.

The agreement between Israel and Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza under Egyptian patronage last November stipulated among other articles allowing fishermen to fish within six miles limit off Gaza coasts but the Israeli navy continues to obstruct fishermen in clear violation of the agreement.

More than 3,500 Palestinians work as fishermen in Gaza using around one thousand fishing boats and are the sole breadwinners of 50,000 people.


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