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Palestine: Issawi facing death any moment, child run over & Al Aqsa stormed again

Issawi might Lose Life At Any Moment, Other Detainees Continue Struggle


The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society warned Monday that hunger striking prisoner Samir Issawi is in a critical and deteriorating condition and might lose his life.

PPS’s lawyer, Fawwaz Shlodi cautioned that Issawi is currently in Kaplan Medical Center under constant medical supervision.

Issawi, who has been on a strike for about six months now, might lose his life at any moment, according to the doctors.

Shlodi said that Issawi has been residing in a hospital’s room surrounded by three guards with his feet tied to the bed.

He further stated that Issawi is suffering from severe pain, especially in his kidneys and stomach, severe eye-sight weakness, dizziness, unstable heart rate, ache in his neck and spine, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, and very low weight.

In parallel, the lawyer stated that the prisoner is constantly harassed by “Israeli” guards in an attempt to end his strike, while the prison’s administration continues to isolate him.

In a letter sent to the PPS, Issawi affirmed that he will continue his strike despite of his medical condition and the difficulties he is facing, until “Israel” fulfills its demands.

This comes as an “Israeli” military court rejected an appeal to release jailed Palestinian cartoonist Muhammad Sabanah, a lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoners Society said.

A judge at Ofer military court ordered Sabanah to be detained for a further eight days to continue interrogations, Jawad Boulous.

The judge claimed that new elements in the case, namely the arrest of Sabanah’s brother last week, necessitated further interrogation.

Boulous stated that Sabanah was brought to Ofer court from Jalameh detention center, where he had been held in solitary confinement.

“Israeli” forces detained Sabanah, 30, at the Allenby Bridge crossing between Jordan and the West Bank on Feb. 16, without providing any explanation.

Sabanah’s brother, Thamaer, was arrested on March 6 from his home near Jenin. “Israeli” soldiers also confiscated his laptop and cell phone, his wife told Ma’an.

Sabanah’s cartoons are widespread in the Arab world. He is well-known for his criticism through his cartoons, which focus mainly on the Palestinian people’s sufferings due to “Israeli” occupation.

Meanwhile, the “Israel”sent three detainees on hunger strike to solitary confinement, the Palestinian Prisoners Society said.

Muhammad Najjar, Zakariyya al-Heih and Ibrahim Ash-Sheikh Ibrahim were sent to isolation cells in Ofer prison, the PPS said in a statement.

They have been on hunger strike since Feb 26 in protest at their administrative detention, without charge or trial.


Doctors: Issawi facing death any moment

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Doctors in the Israeli Kaplan hospital have warned of the serious health condition of detained hunger striker Samer Issawi and said he could die any moment.

A statement for the Palestinian prisoner’s society on Monday quoted those doctors as saying that Samer’s condition was worsening by the day and his body was noticeably weakening.

They said that Samer could die any moment, adding that his heart is under 24 hours monitoring.

The society said that Samer was suffering from acute pain all over his body especially in the abdomen, kidney, neck and spine in addition to unstable heartbeat, low sugar, and weight loss as his weight now is no more than 46 kilograms.

The statement quoted Samer as complaining of his guards’ persistent attempts to pressure him especially by eating at his bedside.

Samer said that he refrained from drinking water and having vitamins on Friday to pressure the Israeli prison service to allow his lawyers to visit him after it banned their visits.

For her part, lawyer Shireen Issawi, Samer’s sister, said that the Ofer military court set a hearing on 21st March for her brother to look into the Israeli prosecution’s demand of returning Samer to serve the rest of his 30-year sentence.

She said that Samer was pondering a boycott of the “racist court” and was adamant on continuing in his hunger strike.

Samer was released in the Wafa Al-Ahrar exchange deal that banned re-arrest of those released, yet Israel enacted a law by which released prisoners could be re-arrested and returned to continue their former sentences if they were engaged in any anti-Israel activity or violated articles of the agreement.


Jewish settler runs over child then speeds away

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A Jewish settler ran over a Jerusalemite child in the main street of Tur suburb in occupied Jerusalem on Monday then sped away.

Eyewitnesses said that 8-year-old Nadi Juwailes was taken to Makased hospital where her injuries were described as light.

The locals said that the settler is known to them but they could not catch him as he sped away immediately after running over the little girl.

Dozens of Jewish settlers desecrate Aqsa mosque

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Dozens of Jewish settlers burst into the holy Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem on Tuesday morning and roamed in its plazas.

Islamic Awqaf sources said that around 50 settlers barged into the Aqsa plazas in groups under heavy police escort.

The sources noted that the settlers’ storming of the holy mosque under police and border police escort recently escalated, adding that the practice had heightened tension in the mosque especially among students who come to the mosque to study the Quran.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation authorities denied access for Palestinian women into the holy site for the second straight day without giving any reason.


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