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“US to send arms in Afghanistan to Syrian militants”

Al Manar

The Pentagon had decided to send a major part of its light and semi-heavy weapons systems and military equipment to the Syrian militants, along with its pullout from Afghanistan, Fars news agency reported on Saturday.

A ranking member of the US marine troops deployed in Afghanistan told the agency on Saturday that “the Pentagon made the decision when former US Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, was still in office.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he stated: “The decision to send our arms and weapons systems in Afghanistan to the rebel groups in Syria was originally made when the former US Secretary of Defense was in his final days of office.”

“Yet, the Pentagon has also received the approval of new (Defense) Secretary, Chuck Hagel, as well,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added.

The US official further indicated that “one of these cargos consists of the light and semi-heavy military tools, equipment and weapons that the US army has gathered and piled up in Kandahar Base and plans to send them to the rebels in Syria in the form of several air and sea cargos,” clarifying that the operation will take place “through Turkey and Jordan.”

“These weapons and arms systems include anti-armor and missile systems, rocket-launchers and rockets and tens of armored Humvees,” the Iranian news agency further quoted the US official as saying, as he indicated that “senior war strategists in the Pentagon believe that they can change the scene of the war in Syria in the interest of the rebel groups with the help of these cargos.”


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