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Palestine: Appeals for urgent action to save Mamanullah cemetary & attempts to seize land in al-Khalil

Aqsa foundation appeals for urgent action to save Mamanullah cemetary

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Al-Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage called for urgent action to save the Islamic historical cemetery Mamanullah in occupied Jerusalem from destruction and Judaization.

This came in an urgent letter addressed to the Arab League, the organization of Islamic cooperation, the Muslim world league, and the international union for Muslim scholars as well as the embassies of Egypt, Turkey and Jordan.

“Mamanullah cemetery in occupied Jerusalem is one of the oldest Palestinian burial grounds where a galaxy of the Prophet’s companions, their followers, religious scholars, mujahideen and dignitaries of Jerusalem are buried throughout history, but this cemetery has been targeted by the occupation authorities since the Palestinian Nakba until today,” its letter highlighted.

“[The occupation] appropriated about 85 percent of its area and turned it into public parks and roads, and established on it buildings, institutions, schools and playgrounds,” the foundation added.

Head of the foundation Zaki Ighbariya explained in the letter that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) wiped out dozens of ancient graves and embarked on building the foundations for Judaization projects, most notably, a museum, a café and a dog zone.

He appealed for immediate Arab and Muslim moves to salvage the cemetery and stop its desecration by the Israeli regime.

In a related context, the Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage reported on Wednesday that the Israeli municipal council and its construction companies started a few days ago to complete their destruction of the whole cemetery of Mamanullah in order to expand its Judaization projects.

It said that the Israeli workmen established infrastructure projects in new areas of the cemetery, including a network of water pipelines

Fawaz Hasan, an official from the Aqsa foundation, visited the cemetery on Wednesday and witnessed the new violations.

He called on the Arab and Muslim governments to hasten to save the oldest and largest historical Islamic cemetery in occupied Palestine.


Israeli settlers attempt to seize land in al-Khalil

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A number of Israeli settlers broke into a land belonging to Aqnepe family in Tel Rumeida area in al-Khalil on Thursday.

The group of settlers stormed, under the protection of the occupation forces, a land belonging to Agrepe family in Tel Rumeida in an attempt to take control over it and turn it into a center for the settlers, eyewitnesses told PIC reporter.

The sources said that a state of tension prevailed in the area amid intensive presence of occupation forces protecting the settlers and their racist practices.

In the same context, hundreds of Israeli students stormed on Thursday the old town of al-Khalil and Ibrahimi mosque area.

Hundreds of extremist settlers and seminary students, accompanied by Israeli soldiers, stormed different districts in the old town and the Ibrahimi mosque area in al-Khalil in the West Bank in light of the Israeli settlers’ violations and provocations under the IOF protection, the activist Issa Amro told PIC reporter.

Groups of settlers have carried out several attacks against the Palestinian citizens’ properties during the past few days in the city of al-Khalil in order to expel them in favor of settlement expansion that besieges the city and the Ibrahimi mosque.


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