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Bahrain: Pro-regime militiamen vehicle runs over protester-video

Press TV

*Warning video is graphic*(video can also be watched in original source)

New footage shows pro-regime militiamen in Bahrain being sent to the streets to confront anti-regime protesters.

The video, which was released by Bahrain’s opposition activists, shows a protester being run over by a vehicle of the militiamen. The vehicle suddenly speeds up and hits the young man, dragging him along.

The incident occurred in a street in the village of Dar Kulaib, about 30 kilometers (18 miles) southwest of the capital city of Manama, where protesters were trying to block a road with burning tires.

There was another amateur video going viral on the web, showing a person firing at anti-regime demonstrators with a pistol.

Earlier, Bahrain’s main opposition group al-Wefaq said that a group of pro-regime militiamen shot and seriously wounded two children during a demonstration in the Boori district of Manama.


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