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UN, Russia, Iran condemn Syria attack

Al Manar

The Blast that targeted the Syrian capital Thursday, and claimed the lives of dozens of civilians has drawn condemnations from UN, Iran and Russia.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the blast, stressing ‘his firm conviction that resorting to violence and military means will only lead to more suffering and destruction.

In a formal statement issued by his spokesperson on Thursday night, Ban said that the “political solution is the only way out” to the Syrian crisis.

The UN Chief renewed his call “on all parties to end the violence and respect international humanitarian law.”

On Thursday, a powerful car bomb exploded in the Syrian capital’s Mazra’ah residential neighborhood near the Russian Embassy and the headquarters of the ruling Baath Party, reportedly killing 53 and injuring 250 more in yet another bid blamed on al-Qaeda-linked terror groups, armed and sponsored from abroad.

For its part, Russia criticized the United States for the failure of the UN Security Council to issue a condemnation of the attack.

Russia’s UN mission said on Thursday that Washington “encourages” the militants’ deadly attacks in Syria by preventing the Council from issuing statements condemning such acts of violence.

Following the deadly attack, Russia reportedly proposed a statement to the UN Security Council against the deadly incident.

“The text confirmed the unshakable principles that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security and has no justification,” said Anton Uspensky, spokesman for Russia’s UN mission.

On the other hand, Iran strongly deplored the attack against civilians, expressing sympathy with relatives of the victims.

In a late Thursday statement, Iranian foreign ministry said that ill-wishers of the Syrian nation are worried about the return of calm and stability to the country and view national reconciliation against their aims and desires.

The statement further insisted that through persistent terror acts, the foreign-sponsored terrorist elements are attempting to maintain a fearful setting in the country and block the realization of political reforms and improved stability and security across the nation.


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