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Palestine: Letter from Samer Issawi, 6 vehicles burned & more children arrested

Letter from Samer Issawi: Freedom or martyrdom


This letter from prisoner Samer al-Issawi, on hunger strike for 213 consecutive days, arrived through his lawyer Mahmoud Abu Sneineh, who succeeded, on Wednesday, February 20, 2013, to visit him in Ramlah prison hospital, in spite of the restrictions that were recently implemented to prevent lawyers from visiting the hero prisoner. (Copied and translated from the Arabic origin from Shirin Issawi’s wall on Facebook).

In the name of God the Merciful

Greetings to all the Palestinian people and the freedom loving people of the world, those who take part in the battle for the freedom of the prisoners, all the prisoners, and first of all the heroic sick prisoners in the Ramlah Prison hospital. These heroes who have sacrificed their bodies and long years to Palestine and the Palestinian people deserve from us that we struggle for their liberation.

Today the Palestinian people proved to the occupation, despite the difficult conditions they go through, that the national cause and the prisoners’ issue are of high priority for every Palestinian. The economic situation and unemployment do not distract the Palestinian people from their prisoners, because they are people of bravery who took upon themselves to defend the Arab and Islamic nation and its holy sites. It saddens me so much that I am not with you to share with you this great battle for supporting the prisoners. But I decided to escalate my strike by avoiding drinking water in order to join this movement and the great battle that you wage on the ground.

I send a warm greeting for all of you who stay in the protest tents everywhere, especially those who are on hunger strike. I send greetings to the participants at the Nazareth tent, first of them Father Atallah Hanna, and to all the people involved in the sit-ins and marches in support of the prisoners.

I send greetings to the heroes who gathered yesterday in front of the court and broke all standards, restrictions and concepts of the occupation (the division between Western Jerusalem and Eastern Jerusalem). They proved to the occupation that AlQuds is one, it is our city, and their pure feet wandered the alleys that were walked by our forefathers before this occupation came, kill them and expels the rest of them.

I greet you, I’m proud of you and I draw the power to resist and my morale from you and your struggle. Yesterday, when I saw you in front of the courthouse, I became free and my jailer became the prisoner. I noticed the humiliation on the guards’ faces when they saw you clinging to your land despite the Judaization.

By God, I kiss those feet that liberated yesterday part of the lands of our holy city and raised the Palestinian flag high. Kissing these pure feet is an honor for me. You are Blessed, Jerusalem, with your heroic sons, the protectors of the Holy Land, the Church of the Resurrection and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. We will meet soon, God willing, O heroes of Palestine and the free people of the world.

I send my greetings to the free people of the world everywhere, especially in our sister Egypt, to the fans of Zamalek group and Al-Jazeera Sports commentator. I send my greetings and salute to every person. And to Shahed and Maleka.

Concerning my health, I was transferred on Thursday to some hospital, I do not remember its name, after suffering a sharp drop in blood pressure and heart beat where the pressure was 74/40 and pulse 35 beats per minute. I lost consciousness.

I continue my strike. Either Freedom or Martyrdom.


Samer Issawi sentenced to 8 months in jail

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Shirin Issawi, the hunger striker Samer Issawi’s sister, confirmed that Samer’s hunger strike continues until freedom or martyrdom.

The Israeli Magistrate court has ruled to release Palestinian hunger striker Samer Issawi on 6 March 2013, after having served 8 months in prison since his re-arrest on July 7 last year, Shirin told Qus press.

Issawi’s case still faces Ofer military court, where “efforts are continuing to drop the charges against Samer in Ofer as he was charged of violating the terms of the exchange deal,” she explained.

In case the charges were dropped against the prisoner Samer in Ofer court, he will be released on March 6, she noted.

Samer Issawi has been on hunger strike for 214 consecutive days protesting against his administrative detention.


Settlers burn 6 vehicles in Nablus

NABLUS, (PIC)– Israeli settlers continued their attacks in different areas of the West Bank, where they attacked, after midnight, Palestinian houses and vehicles in the village of Kasra south of the city of Nablus, causing panic among the citizens.

Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official in charge of settlements file in the northern part of the West Bank, confirmed that dozens of settlers from Yash Codich settlement adjacent to the village attacked the village amid intensive shooting, where they set fire to six vehicles owned by the villagers, leading to the outbreak of clashes between the two sides.

The village’s residents have confronted the settlers and forced them to leave the village, before the coming of a large force of the occupation army to the village, Daghlas explained.

Clashes broke out on Wednesday in the village between the citizens and the occupation forces, injuring eight civilians, while the Israeli army claimed that two soldiers were injured.


IOF arrests 19 Palestinian children in two weeks

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested during the first half of February at least 19 Palestinian children, and injured other dozens, a Palestinian report revealed.

The report, issued by the “Child Information Department” in Ramallah, confirmed on Wednesday that the occupation forces continued to commit more war crimes against Palestinian children, where 19 children were arrested in different Palestinian districts, and dozens were injured due to the Israeli forces and settlers’ attacks against them during the first half of February.

The report pointed out that the children were arrested during Israeli raids and incursions into Palestinian cities and towns in the West Bank, where they were transferred to Israeli detention and interrogation centers.

It also noted that dozens of Palestinian children were injured in the West Bank, by Israeli soldiers and settlers’ bullets due to the use of excessive force to suppress peaceful demonstrations, stressing that two Palestinian children were shot near the border fence east of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip.


70 protesters injured by IOF bullets in Ofer confrontations

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– More than 70 Palestinians were injured on Thursday in violent confrontations with the occupation soldiers outside the Ofer detention center south of occupied Ramallah.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said in a statement that at least one person has been injured with live ammunition, and 26 injuries with rubber-coated metal bullets, while the rest of the injuries were due to tear gas.

Students from Birzeit University, the University of Jerusalem, and secondary schools have participated in marches to Ofer prison, where clashes have erupted.

The Israeli occupation has declared the area since early morning a closed military zone, where the occupation soldiers were deployed within a 1-square-kilometre area and seized the rooftops of some houses around the prison.

The Israeli soldiers used a bulldozer to open roads closed by demonstrators in addition to the use of water cannons using wastewater against the protestors.

Israeli officers, border guards, and Israeli police were attended in front of the Ofer prison since the early hours to suppress the demonstrators and prevent them from having access to the prison gate.

The leader of the Islamic bloc in Birzeit Imran Mazloum told PIC reporter that hundreds of people, including students from the University of Birzeit, have participated in a massive march to the Ofer prison west of Ramallah in support of the prisoners on hunger strike, where the IOF have repressed them with tear gas and rubber-coated metal bullets, leading to several cases of suffocation and the outbreak of violent clashes in the region.

The Popular Committee Against the Wall has called for holding the Friday prayers outside the Ofer prison in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike.

Mazloum said that Birzeit student blocs have organized events in support of prisoners in front of Ofer prison gate, since few days ago, where many of them were injured.

Different areas in the West Bank have been witnessed clashes and confrontations at the entrances to towns and camps.


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