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Humanitarian crisis unfolding in northern Mali

Press TV 

According to Malians living in the North, French troops and Malian security authorities have increasingly made it impossible for both local and foreign humanitarian organizations access to their area.

They say the blockade by the French has caused the deterioration of the health and humanitarian conditions in several camps. As a result many refugees are suffering from both food and medical shortages.

The Malians’ health and living conditions in the north can only be described as tragic, with many living under poor shelters in the desert heat.
The nearest hospital is in Mopti and can only be accessed using a pay canoe which many say they cannot afford.

Survival in this Mopti camp entirely depends upon those who can dip their nets into the waters for a fish catch, otherwise many have simply given up hope of any humanitarian assistance.

The displaced people in northern Mali say they have not received any assistance because of the restrictions imposed against humanitarian organizations by the French making their conditions to describe the least, unbearable…


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