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Afghans protest US-led night raids after student death

Press TV

Afghans have staged a protest rally in the central province of Wardak to express their outrage at the death of a student in an overnight raid by US-led forces, Press TV reports.

On Saturday, protesters blocked a main road in the city of Maidan Shahr, which joins the Afghan capital, Kabul, to the southern city of Kandahar.

They also carried the body of the student, saying they would not bury him until the government takes serious action to improve the security situation of the province.

According to locals, US-led troopers killed Nosratollah, a university student, after arresting him in the village of Ibrahim Khalil in Wardak Province late on Thursday night.

Afghan officials have also confirmed his death and launched an investigation into the case.

On February 12, similar protests were staged in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Ghazni to condemn three US-led raids that killed at least four civilians.

A medical student was also killed on February 11 in an overnight attack on his house in the war-wracked country’s eastern Khost Province…


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