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“Israel” admits it was secretly holding hanged Mossad agent

Al Manar

In the midst of an escalating diplomatic storm with Australia, the Zionist regime confessed it had secretly imprisoned a “dual-nationality” Mossad agent who was later found hanged in solitary confinement nearly two years ago.

Extraordinary new details emerged on Wednesday about the alleged double life of Ben Zygier – known as “Prisoner X” – an Australian-Israeli national and reported Mossad agent, who died after being secretly detained in an Israeli prison in 2010 under a false identity “for security reasons”. He had been jailed after Australian media disclosed the secret despite Israel’s great efforts to cover it up.

The Guardian said that it emerged that he was confronted shortly before his arrest by an Australian journalist who accused him of being a spy amid a revelation that he was being investigated by Australian authorities as a suspected Israeli agent who used Australian passports for operations.

On February 12, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that Ben Zygier was “found hanged in a cell with state-of-the-art surveillance systems” near Tel Aviv in late 2010. Originally born in Melbourne, the 34-year-old man with a dual Australian-Israeli citizenship had worked for the Israeli spy agency, Mossad, the ABC reported.

The Israeli justice ministry said, “Following an extensive investigation it was ruled six weeks ago that it was suicide. The prisoner was held in jail under a warrant issued by a court.” Other details of the case, however, remained under a gag order.

According to the ABC, the detainee “received no visitors and lived hermetically sealed from the outside world” while he was jailed.

Other reports also indicated that even his prison guards did not know his identity.

In recent years the issue of the Mossad operations involving citizens of friendly nations and use of passports of allies has become a source of serious friction with governments usually friendly with Israel.

While the Israeli regime has not exposed the charges against the Prisoner X, the Mossad’s use of foreign passports led to an international storm not long before Zygier’s secret arrest and detention when it was revealed that the spy agency had used almost a dozen such passports in its assassination of Hamas’s Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in a Dubai hotel, in January 2010.

In seven cases it turned out that the passports used were in the name of Jews who had moved to Israel from Britain and Germany and had no knowledge someone using their identity had visited Dubai.


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