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Bahrain regime kills teenager on revolution anniversary

(File photo)

Al Manar

A Bahraini teenager was martyred as he was shot dead by regime forces during a demonstration in a village near the capital to mark the second anniversary of the uprising against the Al Khalifa.

“The child Hussein al-Jaziri was martyred after he was wounded by shotgun fire in Dia,” Bahrain’s major opposition group, al-Wefaq, announced on Thursday.

Video posted on Internet sites shows the attack of regime forces as they brutally shot down the teenager Jaziri.

For its part, Bahraini Interior Ministry also said, without elaborating, that, “A wounded person who was brought to Salmaniya hospital was pronounced dead and the public prosecution was informed of the incident.”

Bahrain’s opposition groups have called for nationwide protest rallies and strikes on Thursday and Friday to mark the anniversary of the popular uprising against the Manama regime.

Reports say shops have remained closed across Bahrain since Wednesday, ahead of the uprising anniversary demonstrations.

However, Bahraini officials say the planned rallies aim at putting pressure on the regime-initiated ‘national dialogue,’ which started on February 10 in a bid to end two years of protests.

Since mid Febreuary 2011, Bahrainis staged demonstrations against Al Khalifa. However they were met by a brutal crackdown that killed more than 80 people and injured hundreds others. In addition dozens others were sacked from their jobs as they took part in peaceful protests.


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