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Kashmiri boy dies of bullet wounds

Press TV

A boy has died of bullet wounds in India-administered Kashmir, following an incident where he was shot by Indian security forces during protests against the execution of a Kashmiri separatist.

The 12-year-old boy succumbed to his wounds on Monday, a day after he suffered injuries in the village of Watergam near the hometown of executed separatist Mohammed Afzal Guru.

An investigation into the cause of the teen’s death has been started as initial reports show the boy died as a result of shooting by a paramilitary force, according to a senior hospital official.

All the roads to Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar remained blocked on Monday, and hundreds of Indian security forces were dispatched to the volatile streets of the area.

The execution of Guru on February 9 provoked angry demonstrations and clashes in India-controlled Kashmir, which led to two more deaths and several other injuries in the volatile region.

Following Guru’s execution, Indian security forces imposed a curfew in various parts of the region in an effort to restore security to the area.

Guru was hanged in a jail near New Delhi over his role in a deadly attack on the parliament in the Indian capital in 2001.


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