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Palestine: Hundreds of Jordan Valley Bedouins to be displaced, car torched & homes razed

Israeli regime decides to displace hundreds of Jordan Valley Bedouins

JORDAN VALLEY, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation regime decided on Monday to displace about 1, 000 Palestinian Bedouins in the Jordan Valley area from their homes.

Head of the Bedouin communities council in the Jordan Valley Aref Daraghmeh said the evacuation orders had been delivered by hand to the Bedouin residents in Wadi Maleh area in the Jordan Valley and its nearby areas.

Daraghmeh added that this Israeli decision was seriously and premeditatedly taken and the targeted Bedouin families have only until next Wednesday to leave their homes.

The Israeli army had targeted these Bedouin communities many times before and destroyed their hamlets at the pretext of military drills.

In this regard, Palestinian lawmaker Ali Romanin strongly denounced the Israeli military decision to expel hundreds of Bedouin families from their residential areas in the Jordan valley.

Romanin said in a press release that Israel pursues a systematic racist policy against the Palestinian Bedouin communities in this area.

He stressed that the Jordan Valley Bedouins are determined not to leave their homes and would resist any attempt to displace them.

The lawmaker also condemned the international silence on Israel’s persistent violations against the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley.

“The occupation will come to an end, and the people of Palestine are the rightful owners of the land and will never leave it,” he underlined.


Jewish settlers torch Palestinian car

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Jewish settlers torched a Palestinian car and wrote racist slogans threatening Palestinian citizens near Arub refugee camp, north of Al-Khalil.

Owner of the car Suhail Barghouth told Quds Press that the attack on his car occurred before dawn Tuesday and that it was completely burnt in the incident.

He said that the car exploded after it caught fire and damaged a nearby tractor.

Barghouth said that the settlers wrote racist slogans on the walls and the main gate of his house threatening to target the family next time and kill them. He said that one of the slogans read: “A good Arab is a dead Arab”.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces raided the Old City in Al-Khalil and two nearby towns at dawn Tuesday and searched a number of houses but no arrests were reported.


IOA demolishes Palestinian house in Issawiye

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) razed a Palestinian house in Issawiye village, to the north of occupied Jerusalem, on Tuesday.

Local sources said that the house belonged to Rafat Al-Issawi, who has been living in it for the past ten years, and was knocked down at the pretext of being built without construction permit.

They said a big number of policemen supervised the demolition, and recalled that the IOA razed the home of another Jerusalemite on Monday in Jabal Al-Mukabir at the same pretext.


IOA razes Jerusalemite home in Jabal Mukabir

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) on Monday razed the 150-meter home of Mohammed Shukairat in Jabal Al-Mukabir to the south east of occupied Jerusalem.

Shukairat said in a press statement that more than 200 security elements including Israeli-controlled municipality teams stormed his house and forced all those inside to get out of it before destroying the house over all the family’s furniture and belongings.

He said that he was trying to obtain a construction and expansion permit since 1997, yet the occupation municipality never recognizes the Palestinian Jerusalemites’ expansion needs.

“We are a big family comprising me and my wife, nine sons, twelve grandsons. I have seven sons over 25 years old and are about to get married but don’t have a place to live in due to the occupation municipality’s refusal to grant construction permits despite the fact that the land is ours,” he elaborated.


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