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Khader Adnan into freedom & Halhale slips into a coma

Khader Adnan into Freedom


“Israeli” authorities released late Tuesday the former hunger-striking administrative detainee Khader Adnan.

According to the news agencies, Adnan arrived at his home in Araba in the northern West Bank to meet his family before returning to a tent reception where he spoke to well-wishers and officials in the village.

Hundreds of Palestinians chanted slogans in solidarity with prisoners as they welcomed the former detainee, whose 66-day hunger strike inspired others to protest administrative detention.

Under the provision, “Israel” can imprison suspects indefinitely, without ever informing them of the charges they face or presenting their lawyers with any evidence. Over 300 Palestinians are held without charge in the Zionist entity.

Inspired by Adnan’s protest, the female former prisoner, Hana Shalabi, refused food for 43 days before the “Israelis” decided to deport her to Gaza, barring her from returning to her native West Bank for at least three years.

On Tuesday, at least 1,200 prisoners in “Israeli” jails launched an open-ended hunger strike.

The prisoners joined the announced battle of “empty stomachs” on the Palestinian Prisoners Day Tuesday.

In parallel , Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip staged mass rallies in support of some 5000 prisoners held in “Israeli” prisons.


Halhale slips into a coma

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Thaer Halahle, who is on hunger strike in Israeli detention, has gone in a coma, his father, Aziz, told Quds Press on Tuesday.

He said that the health condition of his son greatly deteriorated over the past few hours after 50 days of hunger strike.

Aziz explained that his son was suffering from fainting ever since Monday night in addition to non-stop bleeding from his mouth and nose.

Thaer is between life and death, the father said, and called on the human rights groups and those concerned with prisoners’ affairs to immediately intervene to save his son’s life before it is too late.


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