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Palestine: IOA planning to turn Islamic museum into synagogue, Gaza power crisis, land caves in near mosque & building razed

IOA planning to turn Islamic museum into synagogue

OCCUPIED JUERSLAEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is planning to turn an Islamic museum adjacent to the Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem into a Jewish synagogue.

The anti wall and settlement committee in occupied Jerusalem said in a statement on Saturday evening that the IOA controlled-municipality of the holy city was planning in cooperation with Zionist fanatics to control the Islamic museum that is adjacent to the Maghareba gate wall and turn it into a synagogue and a library.

It warned that controlling the 400-square-meter museum and digging tunnels underneath the holy city in search of the alleged temple fell in line with Judaization attempts.

The committee affirmed that the Buraq Wall is an inseparable part of the Aqsa Mosque and there is no such thing as the Wailing Wall, describing the renaming of the Buraq Wall as an attempt to forge Islamic history.

It appealed to the Arab and Islamic countries to resist the Judaization of Jerusalem, which is progressing with encouragement of the Israeli government, and demanded activating popular rallies against the IOA practices in occupied Jerusalem and to maintain permanent presence inside the Aqsa plazas especially near to the Maghareba gate to confront the settlers.


Gaza factories threatened with shutdown due to power crisis

GAZA, (PIC)– Head of the federation of Palestinian industries Ali Al-Hayek warned of the serious repercussions of the power outages on the local industrial production in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Hayek said that dozens of factories, especially those which work in the fields of construction and food, would shut down because of the insufficient fuel supplies used to generate the power needed to operate their industrial machinery.

He called on the authorities in Gaza to assume their responsibilities and work on saving the industrial sector.

“I demand the government in Gaza to provide the fuel shipments used by factories in the production of local products, especially the diesel fuel needed to operate the machinery,” he said.


Land caves in near mosque in Silwan

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Land caved in at an area adjacent to Ein Silwan mosque in Siwlan town, south of the Aqsa mosque, on Saturday.

Mahmoud Qara’een, a member in Wadi Hilwa information center, said that the incident occurred as a result of the intensified Israeli excavations in the area especially those undertaken by the Elad Association.

He underlined that this is the second time land caves in near the same mosque in Silwan.

The repeated collapses in the area point to the reckless digging, which does not use appropriate support for tunnels dug underneath the area, Qara’een said.

The human rights activist accused the Israeli antiquities authority of providing a cover for the Association’s digging rather than stopping it.


IOF raze agricultural building in Tulkarem city

TULKAREM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) demolished on Saturday afternoon a municipal warehouse used for storing agricultural appliances in Tulkarem city and combed its vicinity.

Local sources said an Israeli military bulldozer escorted by troops knocked down a depot belonging to the municipal council of Qaffin town north of Tulkarem and destroyed all the agricultural materials that were inside.

The sources noted that the IOF had threatened to demolish the depot at the pretext it was set up in an Israeli-controlled area and ordered the municipal council of Qaffin to remove it.


IOF soldiers occupy building in Jenin

JENIN, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed and occupied a building in Jenin city at dawn Sunday and detained all inhabitants in one room until the early morning hours.

Local sources said that special forces accompanied the IOF troops, identifying the owner of the building as Nasser Al-Fourman.

Other units of special forces and troops spread in the city and Jenin refugee camp in addition to the nearby village of Qabatiya, the sources said.

IOF soldiers also stormed Khader town near Bethlehem at dawn Sunday and served summonses to two Palestinians, locals said.

They said that the soldiers broke into the home of late Suleiman Salah and severely beat up his liberated daughter Sana’a.


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