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Bahrain: Doctors Without Borders condemns attack on office

Doctors Without Borders Condemns Attack on Bahrain Office, Detention of Staff Member


International medical humanitarian organization, Doctors without Borders/Médecines Sans Frontières (MSF), condemned on Wednesday the security raid targeting its office in Bahrain, and the detention of one of its staff members.
On July 28, armed Bahraini forces raided the MSF office in Manama, damaged the property, and confiscated medical equipments and supplies.

The staff member arrested was Bahraini citizen Saeed Mahdi, who volunteered for the MSF as their translator and driver during the organization’s quest in Bahrain.

On his part, MSF director of operations in Brussels Jerome Oberreit stressed that his organization had transparent intentions about its work, especially with the authorities and ministry of health.

In this context, Oberreit stated, “As such, we find the violation of MSF facilities and the detention of out volunteer both unwarranted and unacceptable”.
Since the Bahraini pro-reform uprising was launched in mid-February, the MSF has witnessed the cruelty of the Saudi-backed Bahraini forces, which have injured some 200 civilians who did not seek medication since they feared being arrested and maltreated.

MSF and many other international humanitarian organizations have been filing reports and complaints against the practices of the Saudi-backed regime forces against peaceful protesters, in addition to the illegal arrests witnessed by civilians and medical figures.


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