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Ex-Syrian official Khaddam’s interview with Israeli channel 2

Today Al Manar TV showed Abdel Haleem Khaddam, ex-Syrian official turned “opposition”, having an interview with an Israeli reporter from the Israeli channel 2. When the reporter was asked if Khaddam knew about it being  an Israeli TV he said the latter knew who he was since he interviewed him 6 years ago. I found two sources in Arabic but I couldn’t find this in English for some reason but I couldn’t wait until it is translated. The first source says that Khaddam claimed that the Assad regime will fall quickly and it won’t last (he accused Assad of being a dictator funny he should say that since Khaddam is a despot himself, just ask the Lebanese, even the Israeli commentator said the same thing). The second source says that he was funded and helped (media) by the US and other European countries to remove the regime and in return the new “democratic” regime will commit to a peace with “Israel”. He added that there is a plan for a military intervention by NATO in Syria.

What is not understandable is why he did it? This surely is not going to make the Syrian people support any of it and discredits anyone allied with him.


Update: I found a youtube video of the report on Al Manar TV

2 responses to “Ex-Syrian official Khaddam’s interview with Israeli channel 2

  1. nana June 3, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    I am really curious about this interview.. I too can’t find it anywhere but “Manar TV’ do u think there was some fabrications to it?? I just doubt that he’s that stupid to do an interview for an Israeli channel at this time! NO?

  2. realistic bird June 4, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    The interview did happen because it was aired on Israeli TV and Al Manar put it. Khaddam in another interview with Shark Al Awsat newspaper again repeated some of the same things. He did not deny the interview happened because there is a video of it. I think he is arrogant and openly selling out Syria and its people which is beyond stupid. He showed what he truly is and what he thinks.

    About not finding it anywhere else it shosw that many media don’t wish to show Khaddam for what he is so it doesn’t show he and his allies have an agenda towards Syria.

    Thanks for the comment

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