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Reuters apologizes to French channel for providing false images on Syria


Reuters news agency reportedly apologized to French Channel Two for providing it with photos on Lebanon from its archives claiming these are from Syria.

On Sunday night, the news bulletin presenter on French Channel Two started with the news on the forged photos, explaining that “Reuters news agency apologized for providing the French Channel with false photos from its archive on Lebanon, that were broadcast on the French Channel Two as photos from Syria.”

This is not the first time Reuters broadcasts false images since the beginning of unrest in Syria, as it has fabricated many news and a few video footages that turned out to be footages of events that took place in other countries.
Al Intiqad online website had mentioned earlier that the size of media fabrication, misleading and instigation related to what is happening in Syria unveiled the plot of the media-led conspiracy and the dirty game which aims at undermining Syria’s security and stability as well as its pan-Arab stances.

Latest events in Syria and the region divulged the huge media misleading which was not only restricted to TV channels , newspapers, magazines and news agencies, but also websites of political and strategic studies centers affiliated to some persons and groups of bloggers, and communication networks on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.


One response to “Reuters apologizes to French channel for providing false images on Syria

  1. Balder May 19, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    New case of deception:

    Images aired Danmark’s Radio, and allegedly documenting tortured Syrian demonstrators were false

    The images are from Iraq, and are several years old. Danmark’s Radio’s news program the 9 o’clock evening news Monday night May 19, aired ‘shocking images’ of Syrian demonstrators, who were being tortured by Syrian Government militias.

    Allegedly ‘live footage’ of torture of Syrian demonstrators was presented with great pathos while warning of ‘extremely graphic images’, and a rare critical question from the studio residing host to the ‘reporter in the field’; Steen Noerskov [Nørskov] about the authenticity of these images was woven away. The caption under the at times very unclear pictures was ‘Syria -SYSTEMATIC TORTURE’.

    Denmark’s Radio (DR) stressed that the footage was authentic, that the source who had delivered them was trustworthy, and that the Arabic dialect that was heard in the video, was a Syrian dialect.

    Steen Noerskov pointed out that ‘if the rumors are right, schools are being used as prisons and torture centers’.

    Read the rest here:

    Danish state TV admits anti Syrian propaganda based on false images of torture

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