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[BAPD] Palestine: Is the cause alive and well?

by Carlos Latuff

by Carlos Latuff

Blog About Palestine Day

What is it like to live under occupation? When the Israelis invaded the second Arab capital, Beirut after Jerusalem, in 1982 I was about a year old. I don’t remember anything about that day or the devastation that occurred because of it. I was told I used to run away from the windows whenever I heard an Israeli fighter plane in the sky. The situation in Beirut was very dire so my family decided to leave to my home town and on the way there were various checkpoints. My father told me once how on one of these checkpoints an Israeli soldier asked him if he had seen a mukhareb (terrorist), the name they give to Palestinian fighters , of course the answer was no but it was said with an eye on the canon of the Israeli tank in the near distance. Our house that was being built at the time in my home town was taken by the Israelis as their headquarters so we stayed with relatives. When the Israelis retreated till what they called the security zone in the south of Lebanon I was still too young to remember any of it. This was my experience with living under occupation, even though I don’t recall it nor do I have a direct traumatic image or memory of it but my whole being shakes when I contemplate it. I simply get enraged by the thought that they walked the streets I walk on today.

The Palestinians in Palestine who the Israelis didn’t succeed in making them leave have been under occupation for decades whether in the 48 lands or after 1967. They had to endure day in and day out the checkpoints, the apartheid wall, the uprooting of their olive trees and their crops, the destruction of their homes, the abuse of soldiers and settlers, the humiliation of working for them and having to deal with their currency, asking for a permit to see their own land or to build another room for their children only to be rejected, being prevented to walk on certain streets, considered the lowest of the low by Israelis, settlers entering their homes and occupying them, tens of their family members either killed or imprisoned, etc. Too many things to count really that make the heart bleed and the mind go insane with the injustice of it all. Yet, you see the Palestinians generation after generation handling it with patience, dignity and an unbreakable resolve to continue. I’m amazed and enthralled by it and you can’t help but respect the great effort they have to muster to go on. The other day I read an article about Israeli tactics used to steal more lands in Al Qudus (Jerusalem) and was surprised by a resident’s action to a thief who came right to his house to deceive him into selling it. Even with the decades of occupation and the relentless acts by the Israelis to make the Palestinians leave and forget their roots, this man not only refused but he still retained his culture, which is in my opinion one of the best weapons against the ever invading tentacles of the Israelis to make the Arabs especially the Palestinians forsake the cause.

Here is the section:

Mohammed al-Tamimi’s family has been living in the Old City of Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem) since time immemorial.

He says that his lineage goes back to Tamim al-Dari, a companion of Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him), who arrived from the Arabian Peninsula and settled in the Al-Khalil region around 650 A.D.

“Without the slightest exaggeration, I can solemnly testify that my roots in this land are deeper than the roots of 99.99% of Israeli Jews, the very people who are now claiming we don’t belong here and who are trying to expel us from this land, our land,” he told

Pointing to his home, Mohammed said agents of the Israeli government have been trying desperately to convince him to sell it to Jewish settlement interests for a hefty amount of money.

“A nice-looking man, dressed in an elegant business suit, knocked on the door, saying he wanted to drink a cup of coffee with me,” he recalls.

“He said he would pay a million dollars if I agreed to sell him my home. He said we didn’t have to leave the home now and that we could stay ten more years,” added Mohammed.

“He also stressed that he would swear by God to keep the matter secret until after I die.”

Mohammed was deeply infuriated by the man’s audacity.

“I really would have beaten him had it not been for the Arab customs of showing respect and courtesy to guests. He was in our home after all,” said the Palestinian man.

“But I told him that our religion and honor and dignity were not for sale.”

Mohammed says Arabs had settled in Al-Quds and Palestine hundreds of years before the Khazar tribes converted to Judaism in around the 8th century.

“These people claim to be connected to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They have no connections with these prophets, neither biologically, nor even religiously,” he contended.

“These settlers are White Europeans, just look at their faces, the color of their skin. Does Ariel Sharon or Ehud Olmert look like a Semite, or even Middle Eastern?”


by Umayah Jiha

by Umayah Jiha

The Palestinian cause has gone through many downs through all the mistakes of botched up peace processes to PLO change in tactics to the failed wars that makes me believe the nakba never ended. Everything before (Belfour promise and settler migration) the nakba till this day is a continuous series of events revolving around the same issue of Palestinian rights. Even before the Israelis forced their entity on the Palestinians what happened before it is as important as to what happened throughout the following decades.

Considering the question in the title is the cause alive and well? If you look at the sufferings of the Palestinians on a daily basis you might not see anything positive about it but I look at the Israelis instead. I do that because the pain of the Palestinians is an effect of occupation and it is the origin we should study to evaluate the Palestinian cause. Are the Israelis better off today than decades ago? According to experts in this area, the Israelis have regressed across the years. How so? The grandiose ideas of Zionist thought generates a need to control everything not only around them but beyond that. Without leaving Palestine, the apartheid wall itself is a sign of weakness. The ever expansionist Zionists managed to built not a wall to keep the Palestinians out only but a wall around themselves, a complete contrast to their own ideas. The 4th-5th strongest army in the world with technologies one can’t even begin to comprehend could not win over resistance groups in Lebanon and Gaza with strength not even comparable with their own. The Israelis happen to resort to lowly political pressure and arm twisting to get to hide their crimes from the world. They constantly need to bring more people claiming to be long lost Jews to Palestine to keep up with the demographic growth of Palestinians. If you see the Israeli support of the war on Gaza and the results of the last elections then you would realize they are a diseased society that continually becomes more prejudiced and bigoted because of their fear they are losing ground. There is also the increase in boycott of Israeli products and rejection of its policies around the world. Most importantly, the Palestinians whether in Palestine or abroad have remained steadfast to their cause no matter the pressures or sellouts of others.

Yes, the cause is alive and well, though there are many issues that need to be corrected and improved, there is no room for hopelessness in this fight. The return of Palestine and the Palestinian rights is inevitable no matter the odds.

Palestine you are in our hearts…

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